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“We must recognize that we are more than ‘homo sapiens’. We are ‘homo vinculum’ -the one who bonds with others. And these bonds are what will save us. They always have.”

- Sue Johnson

ICEEFT Certification

The key element of the certification is a detailed case presentation with two video recordings of your own sessions which will be checked by a certified EFT trainer from ICEEFT. The video recordings must each contain a 20-minute video excerpt from Stage I and Stage II. Further information (in English) can be obtained directly from ICEEFT or please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

Individual Supervision

Taking regular supervision is a central building block for growing in EFT. After you have successfully completed the advanced subsequent training plus at least 8 hours of supervision in EFT, you have reached level A, which is a prerequisite for the certification.

If you take a supervision with one of us for the first time, please contact us here for more info.

Group Supervision

Group supervisions offers a supportive atmosphere with peers, as challenges and anxieties are shared and participants realize that others are facing similar issues. Furthermore, groups give the possibility to role-play difficult situations in order to develop greater understanding of these. Usually, our group supervision takes place in German.
Upcoming Group Supervisions (DE)

Hold Me Tight®

This seminar is an opportunity to grow in self-awareness and to strengthen and deepen your own partnership.

Why is self-awareness in EFT important? In EFT we feel with our clients as a surrogate attachment figure, we see with their eyes, we tune in on their experience, and we create a safe space to communicate, to reach out for one another and to react consistently. All of this becomes easier when we ourselves have been in similar places where our clients are in the present moment.

It also serves as further training for those who want to offer the “Hold Me Tight®” workshops themselves in the future.

Usually, our seminars are held in German.

Upcoming Seminars (DE)
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