What can be better than to experience acceptance and love in your relationships? To share love and passion and to grow together is what all human beings are longing for.

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We recommend our clients to read “Hold Me Tight” by Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson's bestseller on love and attachment is a must-read for any couple that really wants to know what love is all about. It sums up in an easy-to-read way what love means in everyday life and what injuries and insecurities in a relationship are really about. It shows couples how they can get out of their “demon dialogues” and return to closeness, trust and fulfilling sexuality. Couples can take their love into their own hands, strengthen and expand it!

“Hold Me Tight” is available worldwide and has already been translated into more than 20 languages.

The title “Hold Me Tight” is an image of the safe haven love relationships can be - where we feel safe and secure, where we meet the challenges of everyday life together, where we live caresses and sex, and from where we can fly out into the world if we feel secure.

All books and DVDs on EFT by Sue Johnson in German are available at EFT-Online-Shop.

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